Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Ahhhhh, what fun! Sunday was April Fool's Day and like any good mother, I thought about it on Saturday, then promptly forgot! Sunday morning before anyone else got up, I remembered and quickly went to pull out the prank that Shelby and I planned for last year but fell asleep before I could get it done......yes, its sad, but this IS my life!
Anyway, armed with a glue gun and a pack of googly eyes, I plastered everything I could in the fridge in the 20 or so minutes I had before everyone else woke up. It definitely made me smile and the kids loved it!
However, the fridge kept being opened over and over all morning long so they could laugh at it....perhaps the pantry next time????

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Darla said...

Wow, your fridge is organized..and how cute are you?!