Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break Fun!

After celebrating Easter on Saturday, we left early on Easter Sunday morning to travel to Atlantic Beach for a Spring Break trip!  We stopped in Wilson and went to church in our old ward....we haven't been back since we moved 10 years ago, so it was fun to visit with old friends!
 As soon as we got to the resort, the kids could not get out of the car fast enough and start climbing trees!  I came out of the office from checking in and they were all up in these cool twisty trees!
 We had hoped for a warm couple of days to share the beach with Simon, but it really wasn't all that warm at the beach.  As a matter of fact, the boys spent most of their time playing basketball!
 Aunt Tracy came out for a day with Kelly and Joel to spend some time with us and we ended up talking her into letting us take Kelly back for a day at the amusement park after our trip was over.
 As always, it was fun for the kids to spend time with cousins!
 Savannah, remembering our summer beach trips, wanted to take a sunset walk on the beach with me.
 It was absolutely, stunningly gorgeous, but OH SO COLD!!!
 We found this little guy hanging out on the deck of the condos one afternoon and had to get his picture!
 Savannah loved the open craft time in the condos recreation center.  Definitely her favorite place to be!
 Before we left for home, we had to stop at the aquarium.  I keep thinking my kids will be tired of it, but no way!  They beg to go after every beach trip!
 Samuel and Savannah, goofing around in the gift shop......
 Digging for shark's teeth in the fossil pit.  We brought several more home to add to our collection.
 One last cousin picture before heading off for home....
We finished off the week by taking Kelly with us to spend the day at the amusement park and then all the kids had a sleepover on the trampoline before I brought her back to meet up with her mom.  The boys talked me into letting them do a "lock-in" at the laser tag place.  Admittedly, I probably wouldn't have allowed it, but it was Simon's last weekend here and it sounded like a fun way for the boys to end his trip.  They LOVED it and had absolutely no problem staying up all night playing laser for me, I think I may have clinched that elusive "mom of the year" award with that decision alone!

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gpa harper said...

One of the few bloggers left in the world. But it makes my life a little better as I smile at your family, THAT I MISS!